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Awaken To Pleasure:
New Sensations With the Art of Erotic Touch

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I offer deep sensuality and natural beauty, with awareness and skill, that will envelop your body with virtuosity from the great masters of pleasure and sexuality. My unique touch will generate such energy in your body that you will vibrate with the effects of our session for days afterward.

My adorable French accent comes from growing up in the French part of Switzerland, where I was born and raised in a small village, and given the ancient name Céline, which means "Heaven."

I have devoted my life to developing the art of giving pleasure. That passion has taken me on a journey around the world, to study and practice the sacred arts of erotic massage, sexual power, and feminine charm.

I bring that charm, knowledge, and beauty to everything I do, especially as I caress your body with true feminine energy.

We would start by connecting about your needs and desires, then move to a thai massage, blending just the right amount of deep pressure, stretching and soothing moves to leave you totally relaxed and yet rejuvenated with every cell of your body pulsing with energy and pleasure.

I will offer you a masterful massage that weaves relaxation and stimulation into​ waves of pleasure that build up and settle down, each new wave reaching new heights, for as long as you want. Pleasure is not finite, and can be built to new heights by a masterful practitioner.

My unique approach synthesizes a decade of research and experience in sexology, as well as ancestral Taoist, Tantric, Ayurvedic and Yogic practices. I blend these ancient wisdoms with modern techniques and have discovered keys to awaken untouched pathways to pleasure.

If you are dedicated to becoming a master lover,
increasing your own pleasure and hers....

If you want more connection, more confidence,
more power both in and out of the bedroom...

If you want full access to your potential as a man...

Then we might be a match to work and play together!

Location: San Marcos / San Diego